Such a beautiful day it was and it has been since we got married officially. It is a huge feeling of happiness being able to celebrate the most auspicious and important event with our loved ones. We know, mummy and papa are very happy.

One happy family :) Papa, Mummy, Tarun, me and Manu

Me trying to be more useful in the kitchen. What was it mummy?


After unpacking some important items, our day ONE at home was a very pleasing and relaxing experience. Everyone was and still very excited from all this awesome events recently taken place into our lives. Having our brother, Manu, around celebrating this precious moments with us truly was a joyous feeling.

Me and mom had to visit the previous home to pick up some bits and pieces and carry on into our new house. Time was precious. We all woke up early and try to get as much things done in a short period of time. But the panditji was due to arrive any moment and we were all not ready! Anyways, to cut the story short, mom and dad was our savior! They sat through-out our house warming pooja.


It's moving day!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

With all the hustle and bustle of cartons, packing materials and food, we were all up and ready early in the morning for the packing and moving. As usual, mummy prepared heavy breakfast and we gobbled up as much as possible to ensure we were all fully energized for a very long day. I don't think anyone loves the packing-moving-unpacking experience. It is a very strenuous and time consuming process.

But with all excitements of moving into our home, all tiredness seemed to dissapear. What lingered was (and still is) smile, laughter, excitements and joy in everyone. I guess, the move was a moving experience for all of us.


How exciting! Finally, Tarun's dream has realized today. We had a homeowners orientation on Jan 10th and today, it was the final walk through and sign-off for the house keys. We are still trying to grasp all these moments as it unfolds. I am finding it hard to believe that all of this wonderful events has and are taking place in our lives. Pinch me please!

With mummyji and papa around, what a perfect timing! We are all equally happy! Now, there begins the hardwork. I am still not done with one of my thesis. But packing has to begin tomorrow. Movers are confirmed on Saturday. We need to get the ball rolling! I mean, I need to get the balling rolling on packing! Yay! We are moving into our new home! How exciting!

There would be many challenges as first-time-homeowners. Promise to share the experiences with everyone as we uncover and resolve each and every challenges. How exciting!

Did I mentioned 'how exciting' way too much today? I guess, why not?


Quick update 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I know this is my first update for the year 2008. But I would only be able to pen down the important things/events that took or even taken place. Here is the list!

a) Still very busy with my MBA thesis!

b) Would be moving into new home on the 19th!

c) Haven't started packing. Instead, I am 'PANICKING' as clock is ticking!

d) Bought a set of dining table via Craigslist. We got it at a great deal, wohoo!

e) MBA @^&%#!&*

f) Mummy, Masi and Karam's birthday on the same day! January 9th!

I would only be absolutely free to post after the 1st week of Feb. I need to catch up a lot on many things now.

Over and out!