How exciting! Finally, Tarun's dream has realized today. We had a homeowners orientation on Jan 10th and today, it was the final walk through and sign-off for the house keys. We are still trying to grasp all these moments as it unfolds. I am finding it hard to believe that all of this wonderful events has and are taking place in our lives. Pinch me please!

With mummyji and papa around, what a perfect timing! We are all equally happy! Now, there begins the hardwork. I am still not done with one of my thesis. But packing has to begin tomorrow. Movers are confirmed on Saturday. We need to get the ball rolling! I mean, I need to get the balling rolling on packing! Yay! We are moving into our new home! How exciting!

There would be many challenges as first-time-homeowners. Promise to share the experiences with everyone as we uncover and resolve each and every challenges. How exciting!

Did I mentioned 'how exciting' way too much today? I guess, why not?