Our 'house warming' ceremony

Sunday, January 20, 2008

After unpacking some important items, our day ONE at home was a very pleasing and relaxing experience. Everyone was and still very excited from all this awesome events recently taken place into our lives. Having our brother, Manu, around celebrating this precious moments with us truly was a joyous feeling.

Me and mom had to visit the previous home to pick up some bits and pieces and carry on into our new house. Time was precious. We all woke up early and try to get as much things done in a short period of time. But the panditji was due to arrive any moment and we were all not ready! Anyways, to cut the story short, mom and dad was our savior! They sat through-out our house warming pooja.



Balvin said...

Hi Sis,

It is just a good feeling to see you and Tarun doing well in US. Great new home!!.

Take care and god bless always. Love to all.


Kiran said...

Thanks Bro, with all the blessings and love from family and friends, we are doing great.

You too take care and hugs to everyone back home!