Double celebration!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today is Tarun's birthday! After all the excitements of moving into our first new home, we didn't want this year to be a "usual" birthday celebration for Tarun. So, we planned a birthday dinner. Tarun was ushered into the big 3 2, with sumptious dinner and a cake! I am so proud of him. The sacrifies, the achievements, happiness and sadness, he has been through all. He is so decent, I am jealous. He is an amazing human, husband and son. I am so happy we are sharing our lives together. Raising a glass of juice *LOL*, cheers to many more wonderful life and memories together. I love you. Happy birthday hubby!

It was Holi (also called the festival of colors)
celebration on the 22nd. This would be our 1st Holi after marriage. We were so excited. Mom taught me how to cook a couple of "must-have" delicacies. I am excited and can't wait to go to India and experience this celebration! It is so colorful, and so much of fun surrounded by your loved ones. Bet it would be fun, smearing colors on everyone. Hey, no excuse for doing it on purpose, right? *winks*

Read more about holi celebrations here.

What are the "must-haves" in your fridge:

I have a list of staple items that are "must-haves" in my refrigerator. Since our current living location is a little too far away for daily groceries, we sort out the problem by going for groceries every forth nightly.

1) Soy Milk - a great and healthier milk substitute and I would higly recommend for any one with lactose intolerance. I would recommend the Silk brand and it comes in variety of flavors; vanilla, chocolate, original. You can surely substitute any other brand if you can't find Silk. Just make sure it is all natural.

2) Yogurt - my favorite by far would be Dannon, All Natural Non Fat.

3) Roma tomatoes

4) Ginger

5) Eggs

6) Lettuce/Spinach

7) Raddish/Carrots

8) Asian vegetables & condiments such as bok choy, tofu etc

9) Asian sauces

10) Chicken/Vege Broth

11) Cilantro/Any other herb

12) Curry leaves are a must for Indian curries

13) Citrus: Oranges, lemon and lime

14) Others: Mushroom, corn on the cob, cheese, jelly (our favorites are: orange marmalade & apple),

And not to forget my closely watched cravings and must haves: CHOCOLATES!

Call me crazy, but I'm in love with chocolates! It's a food staple for my 'now and then' cravings.

As for my freezer must haves: Assortments of frozen vege patties (for snacking on burgers), fish, chicken, paneer, and definitely ICE-CREAM! The 3rd love of my life :)

Tips of the day:

a) Try substituting regular milk with Soy milk and have it with your favorite cup of tea... Deliciousness!

b) To preserve the shelf life of your herbs (i.e Cilantro, Rosemary, Mint, etc), clean and dry after purchase. Ensure all the liquids are evaporated. Fill a glass with some water, and keep your herbs in it, fresh and available in the refrigerator. See the example in the photo above.


Spring/Post Winter Cleaning...not again?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I some times wonder how much mail that we receive into the mailbox everyday. It is painful to go through heaps of mail assuming each and every one are as important as your tax document. And not to your surprise, it also includes the endless offers from credit card companies - which by the way, isn't doing any good to our economy. I don't think encouraging people to spend on credit would eventually boost the economy. Don't worry, I won't go too much into economics and political agenda here. It's way beyond my league and a very sensitive issue for many people right now.

Back to basics. Where was I? Oh, right! Mails and mailbox. OK. So, I officially declared "Spring/Post Winter Cleaning" day today and went on digging through the heaps of paperwork left to be organized or shred since we moved. Trust me, when I say its heaps of paperwork, lying on the study, awaiting to be organized. So, where shall I begin? Then, I noticed we have a huge collection of stationary on the study. Pens and pencils everywhere. I bet half of them are not functioning (dry ink). So I started the cleaning by re-organizing my stationary. I know, it is lame. But a girl has to do, what she has to do.

A whole bunch of pen and pencil awaiting to be tested!! wow, this sounds serious!

Looks like I adore America and wrote it many times as the proof of my affection (or to test the ink?). How lovely.

I finally completed the whole purpose of the title of this blog entry, here is the final result.

Coffee anyone?


p/s: I know, I am behind with my blog entries, but you have to forgive a girl who is too busy with her families and books (mba to be precise).