Double celebration!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today is Tarun's birthday! After all the excitements of moving into our first new home, we didn't want this year to be a "usual" birthday celebration for Tarun. So, we planned a birthday dinner. Tarun was ushered into the big 3 2, with sumptious dinner and a cake! I am so proud of him. The sacrifies, the achievements, happiness and sadness, he has been through all. He is so decent, I am jealous. He is an amazing human, husband and son. I am so happy we are sharing our lives together. Raising a glass of juice *LOL*, cheers to many more wonderful life and memories together. I love you. Happy birthday hubby!

It was Holi (also called the festival of colors)
celebration on the 22nd. This would be our 1st Holi after marriage. We were so excited. Mom taught me how to cook a couple of "must-have" delicacies. I am excited and can't wait to go to India and experience this celebration! It is so colorful, and so much of fun surrounded by your loved ones. Bet it would be fun, smearing colors on everyone. Hey, no excuse for doing it on purpose, right? *winks*

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