Spring/Post Winter Cleaning...not again?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I some times wonder how much mail that we receive into the mailbox everyday. It is painful to go through heaps of mail assuming each and every one are as important as your tax document. And not to your surprise, it also includes the endless offers from credit card companies - which by the way, isn't doing any good to our economy. I don't think encouraging people to spend on credit would eventually boost the economy. Don't worry, I won't go too much into economics and political agenda here. It's way beyond my league and a very sensitive issue for many people right now.

Back to basics. Where was I? Oh, right! Mails and mailbox. OK. So, I officially declared "Spring/Post Winter Cleaning" day today and went on digging through the heaps of paperwork left to be organized or shred since we moved. Trust me, when I say its heaps of paperwork, lying on the study, awaiting to be organized. So, where shall I begin? Then, I noticed we have a huge collection of stationary on the study. Pens and pencils everywhere. I bet half of them are not functioning (dry ink). So I started the cleaning by re-organizing my stationary. I know, it is lame. But a girl has to do, what she has to do.

A whole bunch of pen and pencil awaiting to be tested!! wow, this sounds serious!

Looks like I adore America and wrote it many times as the proof of my affection (or to test the ink?). How lovely.

I finally completed the whole purpose of the title of this blog entry, here is the final result.

Coffee anyone?


p/s: I know, I am behind with my blog entries, but you have to forgive a girl who is too busy with her families and books (mba to be precise).


Lemonade said...

love the first picture..very artistic i must say :)

Kiran said...

hi lemonade,
thanks for dropping in. hope you enjoyed your stay and would visit again. i have added you to my blogroll :)