Randy Pausch

Friday, July 25, 2008

I switched on the TV set
with a cup of tea in my hand
I did not know what to expect
but not as I read the headlines

my mentor, my guide in Web
gone far away, as I learned, I wept
the light call upon his name
we would never remain the same

close in our heart
where there isn't a doubt
to love, and despair
the cruelty of mankind

I hate it, why is it always like that
one that you love the most
taken suddenly, cruelly?
what happens to his family?

i can't imagine, i cant
but i would always pray for them
dear Jai, Dylan, Logan and Chloe
be strong, we are sorry

for he shall not be there
but remains in our heart forever
condolences, we all seek to give
pray, and he shall rest in peace


Rest in Peace Dr. Randy Pausch
(Oct 23, 1960 - July 25, 2008)

For more details, please read here.

Do visit his Last Lecture video in Carnegie Mellon Uni here. Or the video below.

image credit by Wikipedia
video credit by YouTube