New Delhi Blast

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh my god! I can never fathom what has just happened. My in laws, families and friends are in Delhi, and thank god they are all doing fine and well. Our thought and prayers goes out to the ones affected and hoping for the safety of the rest, as we all try to digest what just happened. Act of terrorism existing in the 21st century, is hard to believe, and this have been going on all the time, every where around the globe. This is a cowardly and selfish act, claiming to be heroic by the minorities who believes in killing the innocents and not obeying the law. There are other ways of negotiating. I shall not write or comment more on these terrorist as I do not want to glorify them in writing.

I shall bid adieu now, with the thought and prayers of Delhians safety. It is a very emotional time. For all of us.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kiran, I share your family too is back in is so scary! my mom was so haunted by the TV images...
Hope alls well with your family back in Delhi!

Anonymous said...

yes the terrorist are sick and coward bastards ..they should be shot in the middle of the road if caught ..
i dont understand why terrorist have to go through all legal obligations ..

Anonymous said...

>>> Hi Mahak, thanks for dropping in. We also sincerely wish and pray that your families are not in harms way. It's despicable act of humanity and this terrorists should be shot at sight. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Just hoping that the injured and respective families are spared with less to deal with.

>>> Hi Arvind, thanks for dropping in. Please DO NOT use such derogatory words on my blog. Me and my audiences would not tolerate or appreciate it. Indeed, it is a very difficult time for all of us. Especially the ones facing this trauma head on. Unfortunately, law is law. By the look of it, the law is meant to be broken only by the "bad guys" and not used against them, which is sick and ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Police shud allow public to punish them and publlic shud punish them very hard
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