Living in US and watching it too closely and being an outsider gives me that unbiased view of what is happening in this country. The Mayhem at Wall Street and the Lowest level of politics in the history of US is not the cause of the problem but the symptom of the problem. America as a nation, and Americans in general are reaching lower and lower instead of trying to rise out of the mess. This crisis is unlike any other. Most of the earlier crisis resulted in a more resolute and stronger nation but this time we are seeing a weaker nation, weaker Americans and even weaker prospective President. The negative feeling regarding most of the things is indicative of the low confidence Americans have in themselves, their system and their country.

American economy has been on decline since long but borrowing has kept it afloat. More and more borrowing on the part of people and govt has kept the nation consuming like earlier without producing like earlier. One very striking difference that can be seen is between the aging and the young Americans. Aging Americans are hard working, self confident and compassionate where as young Americans are less confident, less hard working, less skilled and born with a sense of entitlement. Ignorance among the young is astounding.

But the biggest erosion is in the moral values. I see an all time low in the moral values of the American society as a whole. Politics has declined. Leaders are corrupt. People are ignorant. This is a recipe for disaster. We are seeing all this unfolding in front of our eyes.

This nation is so divided among the two - democrats and republicans, that they are spending more time in hating each other than debating their views. Both parties are thriving on hate for the other which does not result in any reasonable thought process. I see left wing's absolute wretched attacks against McCain and Palin finding support among people. This is clear indication of the level the politics has gone down. I see a real degradation of the American values everyday.
I hear from people that there are ups and downs of every society and American would rise again but I have my serious doubts about this time. The country has never been so weak financially, militarily, politically and most importantly morally.

Time will tell if American can come back. But I think time would tell how much American can come back as I am confident it can never come back to it's past glory.


Reema said...

Nice post. It was good to know the real inside of America. Its like the fall of the Roman that of the American monopoly.

Anonymous said...

Kiran, even though Obama talks about McCain and team's dirty politics, he indulges in some himself! Not that I'm a right wing type, but I can't help but remain cynical. In my opinion, no one's better! I'm tired of listening to Obama say stuff like "If you vote for McCain, you'll have 8 more years of failed plans!". He needs a new script writer for sure :)