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Friday, October 31, 2008

With great power comes great responsibility. What does that mean? If I am the principal of my school, am I responsible to stop kids fighting after school hours? If I was a police officer, am I responsible to stop people from committing suicide?

OK, I think I need to explain in length. I have been trying to understand the pattern in the world's event so that I can find a safe place to live and a secure future. I spend few hours a day keeping myself abreast with the happenings in the world. From the Gulf war of 1990 to 9/11 to American invasion of Afghanistan to recent Israel's intrusion of Syrian Air space to Russian adventure in Northern Europe, there is never a day when I sit back and feel a bit secure. If I look at the pattern in the last few decades, most of the incidences have had USA involved directly or indirectly. Does that mean that USA is the cause of all the misery around the globe? Sometimes I feel USA is definitely not clean as it is involved in these incidences. But is it that since USA is involved in these incidences, they don't turn into world war? Since the fall of the great USSR, USA is undoubtedly the Super Power. Have we ever seen any era when there was one super power and it did not result in blood bath? Give Russia the might of USA, give Iran the fire power of USA, give Syria the money and muscle like USA and you can not even imagine the shape of the world. Napoleon's and Hitler's world are definitely not anyone's fancy as a world with one super power.

I do not admire the US style of justice or the way they try to bring things to order. It does not mean I don't support the cause they have in mind. But I am against the absolute responsibility of justice they have. I would rather use more might and firepower. If someone fires a bullet on me, I fire one back. This form of justice or justification is ridiculous. I use my power to respond and that's the way it should be. I would use whatever I can to stop radicalism and get back to my routine life than to engage on low level fight day in and day out.

For that matter, I think USA is the place anyone can go and live since there is no place on this earth where I think we have order. From the beaches of Australia to the Southern state of Thailand to Indian state of Kashmir to Afghan capital to Middle East to Germany to London, I don't feel safe anywhere. And I don't think any nation has the stomach to stand to problems. I feel safe in US since I know this place has an order whatsoever. There is not a sizable Muslim population in this country where people are getting fanatic and are sick. I don't like Western lifestyle but I appreciate their value of anyone's life and lifestyle. A blog is not the right and the most open forum for such a posting but I hope there would be some people who would be critical of my words. If anyone criticizes then I would write more to explain myself more or else I don't think its fun to write more and please myself :)

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Anonymous said...

its really good that u feel safe .. however i feel that there is no country in the world which is safe ...
9/11 attack proved that ..
but yes US may be far safer that other countries ...but somehow i dont like US dominating everything ..
EVery thing that happens their influences even other countries .
may be thats why they are super power ..

Aathira said...

Why do you feel safe in USA?? I mean considering the risk that anyone lives in this world, with no idea what might happen, I think its better not to live in a Super Power nation right?

Every super power nation seems to have some bad luck coming its way after a few years of supremacy. So wouldn't you think that in spite of the internal order which might prevail, the world at large might not let the safe feeling remain for long? Eg: 9/11