Obama's past is full of 1 Billion of pork, Rezko, Aires, Wright, clinging to guns and religion statement, flip flopping on NAFTA and the list goes on. He is a smart orator but I would vote on a person's character and not on his promises. His actions in past have been not decent and I don't think he is a good choice. An analogy would be with a crook just out of prison who is a good orator and promising all goods for my money when I know his past is full of shady deals. God save America. We are doomed. Believe me, we are doomed. Moreover his wife this year said she has never been proud of American. This is ridiculous. A man is known by the company he keeps. A man can make an impression on what he has done and not on he promises to. We are believing Obama are for his words not his deeds. The age of celebrity endorsements. Why does Hollywood like Obama? For this reason only. In real life they are all failures but in reel life they are all impressive and smart. Obama would run the nation like these stars run their personal life. We are doomed believe me. I am scared to death for the future.



pearlsandchocolate.com said...

Great thoughts! I really enjoyed your perspective! I agree completely!

Anonymous said...

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Swathi said...

hi...hopping into ur blog for first time and liked ur view..but only that bothered me in your post is "climate change" is not such a minor issue either :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Swathi,
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I understand that climate change is not a small issue but my point is that it should be addressed by the elites and we cant expect common man suffering and struggling on day to day basis to address climate change. An average person is more bothered about his job next month rather than climate change. It is definitely an issue which needs resolution. But we need to lead by example. Let the riches start changing their behavior and pay more for their share of global warming. I appreciate your comment and agree with you on it. I wanted to add that climate change should not be made a common man issue. Like the latest of gadgets are bought by the riches first and then the cost goes down, the same way riches should lead in adapting to greener life style and when the cost goes down, everyone can switch to it.
- Tarun