QotD: Why should McCain win?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First of all, I am neither a Democrat nor Republican. But I wanted to make a point, so thought of posting it here. History proves that people who has military background never fought long battles. They fought short and brutal war. And that's precisely what we need in Iraq. Obama would drag US into either a prolonged war without any exit in sight or would blunder pulling troops out endangering the last few battalions. The death toll in the last few months would exceed the rest of the war. Pulling out prematurely would result in dangerous escalation. It is exactly like aiming a shot at the back of a troop. The option that we have now is to win a brutal and short war. But with Obama, there is no hope of that. He is a weak politician. The best possible way out is Obama's timeline with McCain's strategy. McCain can adapt Obama's timeline. But Obama cannot adapt McCain's strategy. So I would like to see McCain win the election so that we can get out of Iraq ASAP with VICTORY and minimum loss. Obama's plan is too dangerous to think of. No one wants war. But that thought is over. We already are fighting one. So better win it fast and precise. I know this is wishful thinking but American's hatred towards Bush has blinded the people from what could be consequences of another 4 years from now. History would prove that Obama was the worst choice that could have happened to American at it's worst of time.

- Tarun