Embracing Wordpress

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have finally decided to join Wordpress :) Yes, it's now or never. You can look me up at http://escribble.wordpress.com. Please kindly add my new blog to your feed readers and/or blog roll's.

We have also decided to keep updating this blog from time-to-time. We won't give it up. Tarun would be more involved with serious writing, so this would definitely be his main platform where he would be blogging frequently. Don't worry, we would be lurking between blogs from now and then. Please continue showing your support to us here at wescribble dot blogspot dot com :) We truly appreciate your feedback and would continue to write as best as we hope to match and/or exceed our reader's expectations.

Thank you.


Reema said...

Welcome to WP. Why two blogs? and wescribble became escribble or was it a deadly typo?

Anonymous said...

Thanks dear :) Why two blogs? Well, this blog here is now focusing on serious topics. I don't feel this style of writing justifies who I am as a writer. Tarun would his writing here, and I would drop in once in a while. No deadly typo, sadly wescribble on wordpress was not available.

Priyank said...

Hey Kiran, Welcome to wordpress !

Anonymous said...

Thanks Priyank :)