Which person from your past, who you've lost touch with, do you wonder about the most?

Lately, I have been thinking so much about one of my childhood friend. It's been 15 years since we last communicated. From a reliable source, I was told that Daljeen is in USA, studying psychology. I have been searching her high and low ever since. Her birth date is on Nov 7th 1979. I miss her dearly. I don't even know where is she located in USA. I have tried many resources, such as reunion and peoplefinder for more details on her whereabouts. I just wished someday she would come across my blog and recognize me. Or some miracle happens, such as meeting her in a supermarket? Or at a book store? How I wished it was simple.

She was such as sweet, caring and helpful friend. And I am sure she continues carrying herself well till today. She was the one who taught me how to play the piano, one of my favorite childhood hobby. I didn't and still don't own a piano, but Daljeen never once made me uncomfortable. Rather, she would always try to accommodate and taught me what I needed to know about piano.

Someday, I hope to meet her and re-kindle our friendship.



Anonymous said...

You wished it and it happened? I stumbled across your blog and here I am writing to you. Thank you for all the lovely things you wrote. Well, you have my email address? waiting to hear from you

Kiran said...

Wow! Is it truly you Daljeen? How did you stumbled upon my blog? I have emailed you and waiting anxiously for your reply.