Embracing Wordpress

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have finally decided to join Wordpress :) Yes, it's now or never. You can look me up at http://escribble.wordpress.com. Please kindly add my new blog to your feed readers and/or blog roll's.

We have also decided to keep updating this blog from time-to-time. We won't give it up. Tarun would be more involved with serious writing, so this would definitely be his main platform where he would be blogging frequently. Don't worry, we would be lurking between blogs from now and then. Please continue showing your support to us here at wescribble dot blogspot dot com :) We truly appreciate your feedback and would continue to write as best as we hope to match and/or exceed our reader's expectations.

Thank you.

Media frenzy

Monday, December 1, 2008

I was taken aback reading this words on IBNLive, quote "Blowin' in the wind: A candlelight vigil in Mumbai. Do these vigils help? Can gestures be converted into action?" end quote.

We, Indians are trying our best to come together as a community and help start the healing process. The media is not helping here. I seriously believe that gestures can be converted into action if we all play our role as a citizen in demanding action from our elected leaders. And to turn our words into action is the reason why we voted for our leaders in the Govt the first place. At least they do should do their part. If they are not doing anything, then the public should demand action using various medium to express thoughts and suggestions. I am very annoyed at the media questioning our efforts.

If you want to make a change, join me and the rest of the world by debating our thoughts, ideas and opinions in the hopes of converting our words into actions.

I can't stress enough the importance for each and every one of us to voice our opinions and thoughts, ethically. I am sure not only me, but there are others that would love to make a difference in life, just the methods are often incorrect or unavailable. I find that Facebook is a great platform as it gives us opportunities to reunite, without any prejudices, to speak our thoughts and hopefully changing it into action. We have set up a vigil/candle lighting event at our readers' disposal. To participate, you just need a Facebook account and join us by clicking on the vigil event that can be found here. It is important to honor our fallen heroes, safely of course.

Let's join hands in tackling and combating terrorism and numerous humanity issues through healthy debates. I want to see change. I want to reach out to those that can really help us raise our voices towards action. There is so much we can do, and debate is only the first step. This time, let's get our words out - loud and clear. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Every one wants to make a change or a difference, so why not start here? You can also be involved in collating news, information and research using various online resources. Of course you would also be contributing your valuable ideas as well. We sincerely hope every one of you would contribute civilly and let's not turn this forum into a religion or communal issue. Encourage healthy debates by not engaging in religious and personal attacks. Gain respect by respecting each other. If interested, please drop us a comment or two, either here or at our Facebook group. We are happy to hear from you. God bless us all during this tough and trying times.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

To every Indian across the globe,

in this difficult and tragic time...

We are saddened, angered and bewildered as we sat watching the act of cowardliness by terrorists. Speechless, feeling so dumbfounded and helpless. Hoping for an answer to when would this act of inhuman banish forever? It saddens me to think how would our future generation lead their life. Would it be as negative or more peaceful?

Media coverage has been quite fluid at the moment. Can't help it when they are also trying to seek proper and legitimate information from the authorities. Nevertheless, I am also viewing updates from a handful of latest tweets from two bloggers/twitters on their blogs, Vinu and Arun.

I shall retire to my bed now, after a sleepless night, with the thoughts of every Indian around the globe. May god bless you and your families, friends and loved ones with courage to overcome this challenging times in our lives.

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It's official - Obama is the President elect of America. Americans have decided, so let's watch the outcome. Nevertheless, we are proud a history is created in this presidency. We are very happy for a change, though this change might be costly at such a fragile time in the US economy.

It was devastating watching McCain addressing his supporters after the devastating announcement. Listening to him confessing as quote, "being the one who failed Americans, and not Americans who failed him", end quote. I don't agree. I believe the Americans and America failed McCain. Today was the day, the chance to honor and appreciate McCain for his years of service and sacrifice for the country he loves so dearly. Yet, the glime and sadness linger in the air. Time stood still, and question mark visible on faces. Faces that strongly believed McCain's success would have paved for better opportunities in getting America back to shape - power and supremacy.

Hope still lingers. Prayers are stronger. Wishing for a star, to shine brighter.

No beating around the bush and no mention of the opposition party. Go out and vote for McCain-Palin. It's the only civilized solution. It's the only way for America to again rise above all and uphold it's integrity. Vote for McCain-Palin, the one and only sane to take the oath of office.

Quote from JohnMcCain.com "America is hungry for change. Our economic recovery, continued national security and our future global standing are at stake. This election is in your hands. And there are clear differences in the choice you have on November 4th.

Instead of spreading wealth around, John McCain & Sarah Palin will spread opportunity. Barack Obama will raise taxes on hardworking Americans to give a government handout to the 40% of Americans who pay no income taxes. John McCain and Sarah Palin have an economic plan that celebrates the American dream of opportunity, not government giveaways. In this country, we believe in spreading opportunity, for those who need jobs and those who create them. While Barack Obama is ready to “spread the wealth around,” John McCain has a plan to get our economy moving so everyone has access to good jobs, a quality education and the opportunity to succeed.

John McCain and Sarah Palin don’t just talk about change... they deliver. The next President won’t have time to get used to the office. America faces many challenges here at home, and many enemies abroad in this dangerous world. We cannot spend the next four years as we have spent much of the last eight: hoping for our luck to change at home and abroad. We need a new direction, and John McCain and Sarah Palin will fight for it.

We can trust John McCain and Sarah Palin because they are reformers with a record who stand by their words and will always put their country first.
Time and time again this team of mavericks has stood up, taken on tough issues and delivered. They’re the real deal. They have a clear record that can deliver results, not just rhetoric that delivers votes". end Quote.

For more information and for where to vote, please visit: www.JohnMcCain.com

God bless America, and the world.

No to Obama

Sunday, November 2, 2008

If I have to choose between someone who is honest, committed and has a proven record and someone who is corrupt, dishonest, has shady past and shady friends, I think my choice or for that matter, anyone's choice would be absolutely clear. Earlier we were listening to Rezko, Wright, around 1 Billion of pork , Bill Ayers and now one more coffin from his closet. This time of Palestinian Khalidi. I am not surprised. Khalidi was the guy who complained that Columbia University did not treat Ahmedinejad with respect. Columbia univ is known for its radical associations. Obama's home, he bought from Tony Rezk who is a slum lord in Chicago. Anyone who knows a bit about US knows about the drugs, violence, corruption in Chicago. Obama himself confessed about NAFTA that he went too far in the heat of election. Means he is bothered about getting elected and not about sincerely helping the economy. As Tito the builder said - They want to keep the poor at the bottom, give them crumbs and not let them grow. The wealth distribution does not work. Why would anyone work hard to redistribute wealth. There is a difference between being patriot and giving my money to someone else. I would give more tax to build roads, bridges but not to my neighbor since he makes less money.

Everyone should have opportunity but feeding others with my money is the worst. Obama is a smart orator who has a very questionable character. His promises are unrealistic and his past is horrific. He is a sweet talker but his past proves he is dangerous. We are judging a person by his words not his deeds. This certainly proves how much celebrity culture has affected our society though I rarely see a celeb doing any good. Why does Hollywood like Obama? Why did Hollywood raise more than 50 Million for Obama. They have historically been on the left. Hollywood feels an average man is wrenched. They make a lot of money and feel pity for everyone else. This is so sickening and I am feeling sick by the fact that Obama has been able to project that all of us are weak, incompetent and he is the savior. I hope people would not vote for him. I hope for my freedom, my future. I am worried when you don't let people work harder to get out of poverty but glorify it. The same politics that Chavez, Ahmedinejad, Kim Jong Ill, and some politicians like Mayawati in India do. American has been a great nation but as it is said in Hindi - VinaashKaale Vipareet Budhdhi - Menas when your destruction is near, your brain stop working. I think this is the state of American mind

Beacon of Hope - America

Friday, October 31, 2008

With great power comes great responsibility. What does that mean? If I am the principal of my school, am I responsible to stop kids fighting after school hours? If I was a police officer, am I responsible to stop people from committing suicide?

OK, I think I need to explain in length. I have been trying to understand the pattern in the world's event so that I can find a safe place to live and a secure future. I spend few hours a day keeping myself abreast with the happenings in the world. From the Gulf war of 1990 to 9/11 to American invasion of Afghanistan to recent Israel's intrusion of Syrian Air space to Russian adventure in Northern Europe, there is never a day when I sit back and feel a bit secure. If I look at the pattern in the last few decades, most of the incidences have had USA involved directly or indirectly. Does that mean that USA is the cause of all the misery around the globe? Sometimes I feel USA is definitely not clean as it is involved in these incidences. But is it that since USA is involved in these incidences, they don't turn into world war? Since the fall of the great USSR, USA is undoubtedly the Super Power. Have we ever seen any era when there was one super power and it did not result in blood bath? Give Russia the might of USA, give Iran the fire power of USA, give Syria the money and muscle like USA and you can not even imagine the shape of the world. Napoleon's and Hitler's world are definitely not anyone's fancy as a world with one super power.

I do not admire the US style of justice or the way they try to bring things to order. It does not mean I don't support the cause they have in mind. But I am against the absolute responsibility of justice they have. I would rather use more might and firepower. If someone fires a bullet on me, I fire one back. This form of justice or justification is ridiculous. I use my power to respond and that's the way it should be. I would use whatever I can to stop radicalism and get back to my routine life than to engage on low level fight day in and day out.

For that matter, I think USA is the place anyone can go and live since there is no place on this earth where I think we have order. From the beaches of Australia to the Southern state of Thailand to Indian state of Kashmir to Afghan capital to Middle East to Germany to London, I don't feel safe anywhere. And I don't think any nation has the stomach to stand to problems. I feel safe in US since I know this place has an order whatsoever. There is not a sizable Muslim population in this country where people are getting fanatic and are sick. I don't like Western lifestyle but I appreciate their value of anyone's life and lifestyle. A blog is not the right and the most open forum for such a posting but I hope there would be some people who would be critical of my words. If anyone criticizes then I would write more to explain myself more or else I don't think its fun to write more and please myself :)

p/s: * as promised, more pictures from Diwali as below*.

Happy Diwali 2008!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Me and Tarun wishes all our families, friends, reader's and well wishers a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali. Go easy on the fire-crackers guys ;)

Would post pictures later - it's still early Diwali morning here in the States.

* as promised, more pictures from Diwali as below*.

God bless...

Kiran & Tarun Srivastava

Living in US and watching it too closely and being an outsider gives me that unbiased view of what is happening in this country. The Mayhem at Wall Street and the Lowest level of politics in the history of US is not the cause of the problem but the symptom of the problem. America as a nation, and Americans in general are reaching lower and lower instead of trying to rise out of the mess. This crisis is unlike any other. Most of the earlier crisis resulted in a more resolute and stronger nation but this time we are seeing a weaker nation, weaker Americans and even weaker prospective President. The negative feeling regarding most of the things is indicative of the low confidence Americans have in themselves, their system and their country.

American economy has been on decline since long but borrowing has kept it afloat. More and more borrowing on the part of people and govt has kept the nation consuming like earlier without producing like earlier. One very striking difference that can be seen is between the aging and the young Americans. Aging Americans are hard working, self confident and compassionate where as young Americans are less confident, less hard working, less skilled and born with a sense of entitlement. Ignorance among the young is astounding.

But the biggest erosion is in the moral values. I see an all time low in the moral values of the American society as a whole. Politics has declined. Leaders are corrupt. People are ignorant. This is a recipe for disaster. We are seeing all this unfolding in front of our eyes.

This nation is so divided among the two - democrats and republicans, that they are spending more time in hating each other than debating their views. Both parties are thriving on hate for the other which does not result in any reasonable thought process. I see left wing's absolute wretched attacks against McCain and Palin finding support among people. This is clear indication of the level the politics has gone down. I see a real degradation of the American values everyday.
I hear from people that there are ups and downs of every society and American would rise again but I have my serious doubts about this time. The country has never been so weak financially, militarily, politically and most importantly morally.

Time will tell if American can come back. But I think time would tell how much American can come back as I am confident it can never come back to it's past glory.