Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians!

This year is a little special to me as it would be my first post on Malaysia Independence Day since the day I started blogging. So, let's make it extra special shall we?

I fetched this idea from a web-friend of mine, Lemonade. But instead of answering all the questions with a personal relevance, I have answered with some "Malaysian" twist to it, in commemoration of Independence Day today.

The rules are simple. Here it goes:
1) Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr search.
2) Pick an image only from the 1st page (no cheating by flicking through dozens of pages) ;)
3) Copy and paste the respective URLs for all the images into Mosaic Maker.
4) Last but not least, don't forget to have FUN! :)

My results:

Here are the Q & A's:

1. What is your first name?
Kiran. Not looking as cute as the baby in the mosaic, that's for sure.

2. What is your favorite food? Right now?
Roti Canai of course. Being a Malaysian, duh...

3. What high school did you go to?
Sekolah. Sri Garden was not even established back then. I had no choice, there were limited images on flickr with the key word "sekolah".. Fun eh?

4. What is your favorite color?
All the colors on Malaysia Flag including BLACK. Let's keep it neutral shall we? Remember, the old school days rule on hair ribbons? Blue, Black and White? Yikes!!! I am immune to it now.

5. Who is your celebrity crush?
Starbucks (celebrity factor) Frappuchino (crush factor). No rules on the question being more specific on he or she or IT (industry), right? Do I have to explain further?

6. Favorite drink?
Teh Tarik for sure. It is in every Malaysian's bloodline (dare I say it's true?).

7. Dream vacation?
Pangkor Island, Malaysia. I've never vacationed there, or any where else in Malaysia! That's exceptionally SAD!

8. Favorite dessert?
Ice Kacang & Cendol. If you are a Malaysian, you'll know what I am talking about. Shall I dare recommend the best cendol stand in Malaysia? The stand is between Jalan Desa Aman 2 and Jalan Mutiara Timur intersection very close to Cheras Leisure Mall Shopping Centre.

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A proud MOM of a son who does not "wrestle", literally.

10. What do you love most in life?
My families

11. One Word to describe you.
Colorful. Do you agree?

12. Your Flickr name.
WeScribble... neatly, I hope.

Once you are done, don't forget to credit the images from Flickr to the owners.

Flickr Credits:
1. Happy Birthday Kiran!, 2. Roti Canai at The Curve, Damansara, 3. Sekolah Sri Garden, 4. malaysia's flag, 5. Starbucks Java Chip Frappucino, 6. Teh Tarik, 7. Sunset at Pangkor, 8. Ice Kacang & Cendol, 9. don't mess with me/proud mother tote bag, 10. Family Portrait, 11. Colorful, 12. Lamy Safari Sample Scribbles


Image credit to: Flickr
TAG credit to: Lemonade



Thursday, August 28, 2008

My stomach is aching from laughing non-stop! This is way beyond hilarious!

video credit by YouTube

Finally! TAGS are fun now?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yes, you read this right. Check out this website. Go on, be creative and have fun!

I have came across many Indians in my life. My families are one such example, though we were born and brought up in Malaysia. Our blood line traces all the way back to our ancestors, traveled from India to Malaysia decades ago. Though legally I am not an Indian citizen, I genuinely believe I am an Indian in my heart and soul. In fact, my families bore the same sentiments. I was brought up very strictly ("Indian-ly"), infused with Indian mannerism and etiquette. Society is ill-behaving at a very high level in this generation. I consider myself very lucky being an Indian. I think I am doing well over than just fine in comparison to what I witness daily.

These past few years, we are challenged with many news orchestrating human misbehaviors. Many inethical, racism and debacle issues surfaced. Why does any one chooses to be selfish? Why are some of this narrow-minded society crib about pettiness and cultural comparison? This is an apparent case of "display of hatred" and violence. Why can't we all (no matter race, color, culture and gender) live the path of harmony and quintessential peace? By unity, only then we achieve Independence and understand the pure meaning of freedom, struggle by our ancestors and repent from our past.

image credit: Flickr.com

I am dedicating this post to my ancestors (rest in peace), my husband, families and all my friends (each and every one of you) that help mold the Indian culture and kept it's beauty flourishing and the spirit burning alive. Without you, there would not be any "freedom". God bless and Happy Independence India. I am *oh* so proud :D