It's official - Obama is the President elect of America. Americans have decided, so let's watch the outcome. Nevertheless, we are proud a history is created in this presidency. We are very happy for a change, though this change might be costly at such a fragile time in the US economy.

It was devastating watching McCain addressing his supporters after the devastating announcement. Listening to him confessing as quote, "being the one who failed Americans, and not Americans who failed him", end quote. I don't agree. I believe the Americans and America failed McCain. Today was the day, the chance to honor and appreciate McCain for his years of service and sacrifice for the country he loves so dearly. Yet, the glime and sadness linger in the air. Time stood still, and question mark visible on faces. Faces that strongly believed McCain's success would have paved for better opportunities in getting America back to shape - power and supremacy.

Hope still lingers. Prayers are stronger. Wishing for a star, to shine brighter.


Reema said...

I just markets recover and Sensex rises. :)

Anonymous said...

seems like you just take people's word for truth...Have you ever actually read President-Elect Obama's economic plan. You are making a lot of assumptions.

Anonymous said...

I really cant say who would have been a better President ..
now that obama is elected i just hope all ur apprehensions are proved wrong ,,
well thats all we could hope now

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm surprised at your choice. I'm not against it --- after all, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But as a woman, I would think you would agree that Palin was a disgrace. McCain and Palin would only continue the havoc that Bush has created, which by the way, has affected the world. Obama will be unable to create change immediately given the state that Bush has left the country in. But at least, with Obama in the driver's seat, the world can look forward to a better America, and a step closer to ending the madness.