Justice...where art thou?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am thoroughly devastated...
Recently, it has been difficult reading Malaysian news. Politicians like Datuk Ahmad Ismail should be detained under the ISA for calling all chinese in Malaysia squatters. Instead of feeling guilty or apologetic, he believes he did NO wrong in saying so. I can't imagine if we were let out loose if any one of other race, be it Chinese or Indian, were to make such derogatory remarks about the Malays. Can they explain justice in this? This politician is now walking free without any detention, merely a 3 year suspension from UMNO.

It is time to abolish ISA and come to the terms of basic human rights. Let's begin listening for once and not shun Malaysians who wants their voice to be heard and justice prevail. Three ISA detainees, namely Raja Petra Kamaruddin a blogger, Teresa Kok a state assemblyman and Tan Hoon Cheng a journalist, are going through significant ramifications for sharing their ideas and beliefs. Race has been a huge issue in this country. How long would the majorities ill treat the minorities and turn our country into shambles? Known to many as a multi-racial country, we are heading towards a road of colorless beliefs, ethics and ethnicity. Wake up people, it is just not about YOU, it's all about US, EVERY ONE OF US.

Instead, bloggers and journalists are being targeted under a draconian law. One of basic human rights I believe is freedom of speech. The right to express or challenge opinions legitimately. Not by living in a cocoon society where one is under scrutiny 24 7. A monarchy ruling and government that constitutes democratic parliamentary, surely the people of Malaysia expects more than just a push-over political tactic every now and then.

MALAYSIA BOLEH! God bless...

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