I am back after a few days of snooze from the blogging world and countless of sleepless nights. Anxious to share some of my encounters, highlights and news around the globe for the past few weeks. Hopefully by the end of this post, you won't snooze off to sleep.


Several devastating news lingering on us from all around the world. It has been a global epidemic for a few weeks now. Whether it's humanity, environmentally, economically or politically challenges. I was not able to write about my experiences during tropical storm FAY. Wanted to share with you the glimpse out of my window when the horrible storm took place.

We stocked on various nonperishable food items, water, candles, flash, etc. Our laptops and important documents were put away safely just in case we need to rush out of the house and go some where safe. We were on alert for hurricane Fay. By the time it hit us, the status changed from "hurricane" to "tropical storm". We were so relieved. Unfortunately, we can't say the same else where. Devastation was apparent in other counties where water level continued rising for a couple of feet. It was a pretty frightening experience. Nevertheless we were again on alert for other hurricane warnings; Gustav, Hanna and Ike. Thank god we surpassed away from it. What a nightmarish experience.

ISA detainees updates 2
Sept 18 - Another blogger arrested under the Sedition Act. On Sept 20th, he was released on police bail. I will not comment further as his arrest was legitimate. Read here.

An update from my previous post.
Sept 19 - Teresa Kok is finally released from the ISA! You can read here for more information on her release.

Sept 24 - Sad to say that blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin is announced to be further detained for 2 years for blogging on topics considered by authorities to be, quote "maligned Islam, and being malicious and seditious". Quote was from article The News Straits Times Online.

Where is justice?

Delhi blast
From my previous post.

Lehman Brothers melt-down & Merill Lynch sub-prime mortgage crisis
Gone are those days when these Wall Street investment bank's bask in their glory and name. Lehman is down without the fruit of it's poor performance and management labor. Fortunate or unfortunate, Barclays plc stepped in and acquired the ailing company. It is apparent that Chapter 11 bankruptcy translates itself as a lenient law easily misuse by corporate giants to dance their trouble away with billions of dollars at stake.

And I quote from Wikipedia,

"in New York, on September 15, 2008, shortly before 1am, Lehman Brothers Holdings announced it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection citing bank debt of $613 billion, $155 billion in bond debt, and assets worth $639 billion".

This filing marks the largest bankruptcy in the U.S history. Then, comes Merill Lynch. Why bother discussing and writing about them. Their CEO's are basking in glory, especially Merill Lynch's ex-CEO Stan O'neal. With a whopping compensation package of US$161millon, wonder why the U.S government next steps would include the disastrous bail-outs of corporate mis-managements?

U.S. government bail-outs 2008
Bear Stearns US$30 billion
Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac US$200 billion
AIG US$85 billion

*source of bail-out figures.

Wall Street pleading for US$700 billion bail-out!
The talks on the market now is about US$700 billion bail-out plan for Wall Street. First thing first. $700 billion is a huge amount. Gigantic! Enormous! I would say Ginormous. What's going on in Wall Street? Money is being swindled by the so called "speculators" and fund managers. Left and right, back and front. It's obvious. And how did WS justify the huge amount needed from the U.S government? It's all politics. Not in the frontlines, but in Wall Street. Not in the Main Street, but the corporate misconducts in handling and governing their fund managers and speculators who thrieves in their method to make quick big bucks and leave the Americans to pay for the consequences.

Everything was and is blamed on the mortgage crisis. If we talk about bail-outs, why weren't there any for mortgage crisis? Why isn't there any plans to provide funds in the effort to recover the mortgage crisis directly? Why is the U.S govt even considering and debating with Wall Street funding? Why not fund the root of all the problems and not deteriorate it further? These are some of many questions, I believe, an average American tax-payers are seeking for an answer. I am one of them, unfortunately. I don't like talking politics, not on my blog. But this is the only place where I can freely share my view and frustrations. Everything is just falling apart, around us. And it is just too much to take in.