No to Obama

Sunday, November 2, 2008

If I have to choose between someone who is honest, committed and has a proven record and someone who is corrupt, dishonest, has shady past and shady friends, I think my choice or for that matter, anyone's choice would be absolutely clear. Earlier we were listening to Rezko, Wright, around 1 Billion of pork , Bill Ayers and now one more coffin from his closet. This time of Palestinian Khalidi. I am not surprised. Khalidi was the guy who complained that Columbia University did not treat Ahmedinejad with respect. Columbia univ is known for its radical associations. Obama's home, he bought from Tony Rezk who is a slum lord in Chicago. Anyone who knows a bit about US knows about the drugs, violence, corruption in Chicago. Obama himself confessed about NAFTA that he went too far in the heat of election. Means he is bothered about getting elected and not about sincerely helping the economy. As Tito the builder said - They want to keep the poor at the bottom, give them crumbs and not let them grow. The wealth distribution does not work. Why would anyone work hard to redistribute wealth. There is a difference between being patriot and giving my money to someone else. I would give more tax to build roads, bridges but not to my neighbor since he makes less money.

Everyone should have opportunity but feeding others with my money is the worst. Obama is a smart orator who has a very questionable character. His promises are unrealistic and his past is horrific. He is a sweet talker but his past proves he is dangerous. We are judging a person by his words not his deeds. This certainly proves how much celebrity culture has affected our society though I rarely see a celeb doing any good. Why does Hollywood like Obama? Why did Hollywood raise more than 50 Million for Obama. They have historically been on the left. Hollywood feels an average man is wrenched. They make a lot of money and feel pity for everyone else. This is so sickening and I am feeling sick by the fact that Obama has been able to project that all of us are weak, incompetent and he is the savior. I hope people would not vote for him. I hope for my freedom, my future. I am worried when you don't let people work harder to get out of poverty but glorify it. The same politics that Chavez, Ahmedinejad, Kim Jong Ill, and some politicians like Mayawati in India do. American has been a great nation but as it is said in Hindi - VinaashKaale Vipareet Budhdhi - Menas when your destruction is near, your brain stop working. I think this is the state of American mind


Anonymous said...

nice to know a different thought.. I know nothing about obama ..everything that i know has been projected by the media ...